Oleg Popov: 21 Years of SCM. 21 Years of Creating the Future

Oleg Popov: 21 Years of SCM. 21 Years of Creating the Future


Dear Colleagues! Dear Friends,

Today we are celebrating the 21st birthday of SCM. For 21 years we have been investing in Ukraine. For 21 years our businesses have been competing fairly with the global players. For 21 years we have been building a new, strong and competitive Ukraine by joining efforts with our employees, partners and clients. We have been developing the industries, markets, and the economy.

For 21 years we have been changing with the world, but never strayed from our principles:
1. Professionalism for development  
2. Efficiency for fair competition and competitive edge
3. Transparency for sustainability and the long-term plays
4. Partnerships for expansion to global markets
5. Openness for people's trust and our common future
These are the principles that guide our investments in Ukraine, our relations with the government, society, and business community, and our efforts to promote Ukraine and its products on a global scale.

Thus, they help us build the future.

Could we imagine 21 years ago in Donetsk that DTEK drones would maintain Ukraine's biggest solar and wind power plants, our power plants? That we would launch the country's first industrial "battery" capable of powering an entire city? That Metinvest would be building the biggest private technical university in Ukraine? And Lemtrans would be creating an innovative transport terminal, a true gateway between Europe and Asia? Yet today, this and much more is a reality, and our businesses keep working to give us more reasons to be proud!

I am saying our businesses, but fundamentally each our success and every exciting project is made possible by people. They have always been our most valuable asset. Hundreds of thousands of employees. Millions of clients. Tens of millions of Ukrainians in cities, towns and villages where we operate.

On this special day, I wish everyone fair rules and a level playing field. I wish you life-changing partnerships that make great projects happen in the 21st century. I wish you the joy of good health and peace. In the family, at work and everywhere.

I want to thank the big team, the big family of SCM businesses. For their hard work, commitment, and openness to changes. I believe that we still have our most important and most beautiful victories ahead of us.