Vega moves from copper to fibre optics

Vega moves from copper to fibre optics


Vega national telecommunications operator works to move from copper to fibre optic networks. The new data transmission method enables subscribers who used copper lines to enjoy a full range of optical benefits such as high-speed Internet access, IP telephony and interactive TV. More than 20,000 users have already appreciated high-quality innovations since the start of the project to replace copper with fibre optics.

“We have been with Vega for more than five years, since we moved to a new office. Telephone number was moved from our previous address. The company immediately connected Internet to the phone line. It was convenient, as we got two services via one cable and the Internet speed was quite enough. Eventually, our business grew a little and we needed a higher speed. In March 2019, our office was switched to fibre optics. We noticed a significant increase in speed immediately. The quality of landline connection was also very good. Now it’s easy to move the phone anywhere and there’s no need to lay the cable anew because this is IP-telephony. I recommend that all businessmen should not be afraid of new technologies and switch to fibre optics. It may be a bit more expensive, but it will make your life a lot easier,” said Tikhon Kononov, a private entrepreneur.

Today, subscriber services are migrating in most big Ukrainian cities. Vega plans to have switched all its customers from copper to fibre optic networks by late 2020.

“Fibre optic Internet has evolved to become a leader in the global IT market. High-speed data transmission, signal clarity, and reliability are not just the properties of fibre optics but a key to high-quality services. We sought to comply with international communication standards fully and thus we launched the move to fibre optics, which is to meet the needs of the most demanding subscribers. Today, our project is developing and the number of happy subscribers is growing daily. We plan to continue and replace all obsolete technologies,” said Murat Cinar, Vega CEO.

Vega moves to fibre optics at no additional cost to its subscribers. The company informs locals about the new technology, procedures and time required for installation works in advance.