Segodnya news brand to focus on digital and TV formats development

Segodnya news brand to focus on digital and TV formats development

Media Group Ukraine

Media Group Ukraine has made a decision to suspend the print edition of Segodnya newspaper. The last print edition will be published on 27 September 2019. The Group is going to continue to provide the most relevant and important information to their audience on its website and on TV 24/7.

Yevhen Bondarenko, Media Group Ukraine’s CEO: 

“The key goal of Segodnya news brand is to create the best news content in the country and deliver it to our audience as soon as possible. The global media market is developing and moving towards digital media. In Ukraine, this trend is accompanied by our local specific aspects as the distribution network of the printed press has been almost ruined, the currency value of printing is getting more expensive, and this trend towards price rising is going to persist. Our readers who live outside the cities often get a two-day old or even a week-old newspaper. Recently, the situation has deteriorated, so we’ve made a business decision to suspend the print edition and focus on developing the website and TV news under Segodnya’s brand. Of course, Segodnya newspaper that pioneered our news brand is an era in Ukrainian journalism. We are proud of what we have done over 21 years of dedicated efforts. Segodnya brand will continue to live and develop in a new digital world.”

Andrii Romanenko, CEO of Segodnya Multimedia:

“Over the past nine years, the average weekly circulation of newspapers, both dailies and weeklies, has dropped 52%, yet the Internet coverage has grown 60%. Many newspapers and magazines were shut down in Ukraine, and the remaining players can no longer support the required infrastructure facilities. Some market segments ceased to exist: the subscription agencies went bankrupt, and sales networks of periodicals closed down. These problems have mostly affected the remote districts, I mean the towns with a population of 50,000 or less, where people usually read newspapers. It makes no sense to print a newspaper if we are unable to distribute it. Therefore, we decided to suspend our printed edition and focus on developing our website and TV news.
We are going to offer our employees fair layoff conditions and the existing employment opportunities within the Group.”

Olha Huk, Editor-in-Chief at Segodnya newspaper: 

“Our team has done everything to make Segodnya the No. 1 newspaper in Ukraine and the country’s favourite publication. We left behind all the newspapers, magazines, and even the ever-popular TV guides and crosswords. These are our achievements we are proud of. The creative genius of dozens of my employees and their sleepless nights are behind those achievements. This was our dream team and our dream editorial staff.

I am grateful to everyone who worked in the editorial office or cooperated with us. I am grateful to all readers who went to kiosks and bought Segodnya newspaper for many years, despite the abundance of free media. I am grateful to the entire team of Segodnya Multimedia who have been and will always remain members of Segodnya family.”