Ukraina TV called favourite channel of Ukrainian viewers in 2018

Ukraina TV called favourite channel of Ukrainian viewers in 2018

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In 2018, Ukraina TV was the leader of the national television space. At the end of the year, the channel ranked first among all key audiences: 18-54, 18+, 4+ and 14-49, both in cities with population of over 50,000 people and across Ukraine. The channel also improved performance in all audiences year on year.

In 2018, the average share was 11.63%, share increase – 9% and rating – 1.5% (audience 18+, 50,000+). In the 18+ audience (50,000+)**+)** the share was 15.45%, increase – 19% and rating – 2.57%. In the 4+ audience (All of Ukraine)*** the share was 14.42%, increase – 16% and rating – 2.32% (attached is the detailed information regarding all audiences).

“We are proud to be the leader of the Ukrainian TV for the second year in a row. It is important that we managed to both retain our leadership and significantly improve performance in 2018: by 9% in the commercial audience and by 19% in the 18+ audience, for instance. Our TV channel is equally popular across Ukraine: we are chosen by Kyiv, east and west of the country. The key for success is our focused attention to requests of our viewers and systemic work of our professionals who are ready to hear and understand those requests and then transform them into a programme product. Last year, we launched a lot of new and interesting programmes and large-scale shows. We broadcast about 100 new TV series. In fact, our programme net has no slots where we are not leaders. In April, we established a department for entertainment programmes that featured our successful gala shows and concerts. We constantly develop our socially important projects such as Holovna Tema [Key Issue] and Kontroler [Inspector] and launched Huchna Sprava [High-Profile Case] journalistic investigative programme. We expanded the number of our in-house programmes, having launched such projects as Misiya: Krasa show, Bez Paniky comic show and Vykhodte bez Dzvinka TV series. Our Segodnya news programme and Segodnya Pidsumky z Oleh Paniuta information and analytical weekly are the undisputed leaders of broadcasting for the wide audiences. In 2019, we are going to broadcast more premieres. In January, we are about to launch Tayemnytsi, a 95-series TV series filmed in line with Croatian format. In H1, we plan to broadcast a large-scale show, The Brain, which drew millions of viewers around the world. In addition, Ukraina TV will be the exclusive broadcaster of matches of the national football team in the qualifying rounds for Euro 2020,” said CEO of Ukraina TV channel Viktoria Korogod.

The channel was called Ukraine’s favourite thanks to its morning, daytime and prime in-house projects, popular music shows and concerts, weekend movies, TV series, exclusive football broadcasts, informational and analytical programmes, comic programmes, and social projects.