Technologies promoting energy independence: CorumExpo shows Ukraine's first coal cutter for ultra thin seam mining

Technologies promoting energy independence: CorumExpo shows Ukraine's first coal cutter for ultra thin seam mining


On 26 and 27 August, Corum Group (DTEK) is presenting its mining machinery at the Expo in Kharkiv attended by over 120 Corum partners and customers. Corum has presented 15 machines, including a brand new CLS550P coal shearer for ultra thin seams that are common in Ukraine's mining landscape. This machine is unmatched in the industry of Ukraine.

"I am glad that just ahead of the Miner's Day we've met with our partners and customers at CorumExpo," says Mykhailo Potapov, Head of Corum Group. "Today we are showing a product that is new and unique not just for us, but for the whole country – CLS550P coal shearer. It can mine seams as thin as 0.85 m, producing up to 10 tonnes of coal per minute. The machine is fully automated and guarantees safety of mine maintenance staff. I thank our partners for trusting us. I am proud that we are proving that Ukraine is capable of producing the modern and sought-after machinery of the highest class."
The Expo features machinery manufactured by Corum Svitlo Shakhtaria and Corum Druzhkivka Heavy Engineering Plant, including CLS450 and KA200 coal shearers, KNF road cutter, BPR drill loader, crushers, conveyor pans, DTM and ZKD90TS roof supports, KTPRN-400/6-0.4 transformer substations. A highlight is a new development – the unique CLS550P coal shearer.

Coal Production Director at DTEK Energy Mykhailo Barabash: "DTEK Energy mines are one of the largest customers of mining equipment in Ukraine. Thermal power plants need coal to generate electricity and thus they need modern mining equipment to secure coal supplies. Corum equipment ticks all the boxes, its reliable, modern and powerful. Visitors of the Expo can see the machines that are currently operated by our mines: for example, CLS450 coal shearer and KNF road cutter system. And the brand new CLS550P coal shearer will arrive for testing to DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia. I am sure that the new equipment will help us produce more coal to ensure energy independence of Ukraine."

CEO of Donetskstal Ildar Saleyev: "Whatever surprises life throws at us, Corum finds every opportunity to organise such events for their clients and partners. Corum is committed to being truly customer-focused in everything they do. People are the main asset of every company. My heartfelt congratulations to Corum team on the Expo and many thanks for your constant self-development and self-improvement that drives your company and dozens of companies operating your equipment forward."
Corum equipment is operated in 15 countries of the world.