SCM, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and FC Shakhtar have given UAH 3 billion in aid to Ukraine

SCM, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and FC Shakhtar have given UAH 3 billion in aid to Ukraine

Stand With Ukraine

Rinat Akhmetov continues to provide comprehensive support to Ukraine and Ukrainian people in the war against Russia. Since February 24 to August 1, SCM businesses, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and FC Shakhtar have provided UAH 3 billion worth of aid (about $100 million) to Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. Overall, they have helped more than 11 million people across the country.

Support of socially vulnerable people and internally displaced people in the pre-front areas remains one of the priorities for the humanitarian aid effort. There are regular deliveries of food, essentials (clothes, household stuff, etc) and medicines. The scope and areas of humanitarian aid are established in concert with the national and local authorities that help increase its efficiency. In addition, the companies arrange bomb shelters, provide accommodation, light and water to the population, help hospitals etc. in the cities and towns where they operate. The company also supports local administrations and local utility services: from providing fuel up to personal safety equipment and clothing for employees.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation has donated to Ukrainians over 600,000 medicines, and over 60,000 blood collection bags. Also, it regularly provides survival kits: overall, 400,000 food packages will be handed over to Ukrainians. The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation has started cooperating with IamMariupol IDP support centres and provide regular support to IDPs from Mariupol. Moreover, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation is working to create the biggest archive of Ukrainian eyewitness accounts of the hostilities committed by Russia. The organisation has now more than 30,000 witness testimonies of the war-affected people.

DTEK power engineers and Ukrtelecom workers continue to support the operation of the Ukrainian critical infrastructure, where possible. They restored power, mobile and Internet service as well as landline connection to millions of people and thousands of companies and institutions. They have been working 24/7, including in the frontline areas. Due to the efforts of Ukrtelecom workers telecommunication services are available in 87% of localities covered by Ukrtelecom network (in all regions except Luhansk and Kherson oblasts). DTEK repair crews restored electricity supply for more than 3.1 million families that were cut off from power as a result of shelling.

The Saving Lives initiative is another important project implemented by Metinvest Group and DTEK in concert with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. Due to this project thousands of tonnes of food, medicine and other humanitarian assistance come from Europe to the cities and towns located on the front line. More than 142,000 people, including the most vulnerable, have already received survival kits from the initiative. Also, the project helps build up strategic food reserves, in case the situation gets worse. 

Efforts are being taken to help evacuated colleagues come back to normal life. This includes resettlement, staff retraining courses and creation of new jobs. Thousands of IDPs have already been employed by SCM businesses.

FC Shakhtar is also implementing humanitarian projects. FC Shakhtar’s Shelter Centre has been hosting IDPs since spring this year at Arena Lviv stadium. Also, the club supports Ukrainian sports centres and organisations, in particular, our Olympians and power units. In July, FC Shakhtar continued their initiative, Shakhtar Global Tour for Peace in Ukraine charity matches, that was launched in spring. All funds raised from the sale of tickets and advertising are used to help Ukrainian defenders, volunteer organisations, medical staff, and war-affected children. These friendly matches and partner commercial projects helped raise more than UAH 25 million. Thanks to the Shakhtar Social Foundation, 14 European football clubs have joined the drive to collect and deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The President of FC Shakhtar Rinat Akhmetov decided to provide UAH 60 million worth of financial assistance to football clubs and children’s football projects.

Providing support to our defenders is another very important focus area. SCM businesses regularly donate to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the National Guard and other power units protective gear, vehicles, drones, technical equipment (thermal imagers, range finders, cameras, etc), fortifications, clothing, footwear, first-aid kits, emergency military tourniquets, walkie-talkies, fuel and other essentials. Thus, Metinvest handed over 100 vehicles and 150 drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in July. DTEK Renewables installed an autonomous power supply system and a heating system based on solar energy in one of the military units in southern Ukraine. FC Shakhtar handed over 750 helmets and 1,500 medikits to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We also continue to implement our large-scale systemwide projects. Metinvest provides free hard armour plates to the military units, and Metinvest SMC provides free metal for making fortifications (more than half of all anti-tank hedgehogs in Ukraine are made from Metinvest steel). Every week, Zaporizhstal hands over hundreds and thousands of bulletproof vests to our defenders. In addition, the Group cooperated with Ukrtransgaz to produce field kitchens, grapnels and other required military equipment.

As Rinat Akhmetov said earlier, he has allocated €100 million to help Ukraine win this war. He was true to his word and will continue to help.

Follow the updates and read more about the focus areas of assistance Rinat Akhmetov’s businesses and initiatives provide on the websites of SCM, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, the Saving Lives project and FC Shakhtar, as well as on their official pages in social media.