FUIB is recognized as the best anti-virus bank!

FUIB is recognized as the best anti-virus bank!


First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) won the Best Anti-Virus Bank nomination according to this year's ranking by The Business magazine.

The bank received the honorable first place in the ranking for the best comprehensive solutions to support SMEs in quarantine (loan repayment holidays, loan restructuring programs, preferential financing, cancellation of fines and penalties, etc.).

It was also included in the TOP-3 in the SME Support – The Leader of Investment Lending nomination.

We will remind that since the beginning of introduction of rigid restrictive measures, FUIB has been one of the first to offer a number of complex solutions in support of entrepreneurs. In particular, it provided clients with the opportunity to receive loan repayment holidays, abolished penalties for late loan payments and abolished the commission for payments in hryvnia and recurring fees for the use of POS-terminals.