Metinvest Digital won the SAP Quality Awards regional competition

Metinvest Digital won the SAP Quality Awards regional competition


Metinvest Digital, the Metinvest Group IT Expertise Center, has won prizes in several nominations for the SAP Quality Awards 2019 among Central and Eastern European countries.

The company won first place in the Business Transformation category for successfully implementing the SAP SuccessFactors solution at the management company of Metinvest Group, at the Ilyich Mariupol Metallurgical Combine and at Azovstal.

“International awards are not only a moment of pride for the Metinvest Digital and Metinvest teams, but it is also our confidence in the success on the path of digital business transformation and confirmation of the maturity of our digital solutions,” says Serhii Detyuk, CEO of Metinvest Digital.

Metinvest Digital also received a Silver medal in the Innovations category for implementing the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud solution (SAP HEC). The company migrated 138 systems and more than 18,000 users to the SAP cloud platform. This data migration is the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

“This project was the first in Ukraine to transit SAP-systems to the cloud. Such projects, of course, strengthen the leadership and competitive position of the business. Getting the SAP Quality Awards is a recognition of professionalism and an example for other progressive Ukrainian companies,” said SAP Ukraine Director Maxim Matyash.

The SAP Quality Awards 2019 ceremony was held on May 29 in Prague at the SAP NOW 2019, that gathered all the winners of last year’s international competition. Winning the regional competition gives Metinvest Digital an opportunity to take part in the global SAP competition in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Last year, the company was ranked #1 in the regional competition of the SAP Quality Awards, and #2 in the global competition. Metinvest received this award for the Coal-Coke-Cast iron production planning project. The attention of judges was attracted, in particular, by the company's cooperation with the Ukrainian State Coal and Chemical Research Institute for the implementation of this project.

The SAP Quality Awards is an international competition for the title of the best project of the year, which has been held by SAP, a software provider, since 2010. More than 200 SAP projects are nominated for the competition annually in three categories: Fast delivery Project, Business Transformation Projects, Innovation Projects. Last year, more than 280 customers from 15 SAP markets took part in the competition.