Lemtrans shipped 24.85 million tonnes of cargoes in H1 2019

Lemtrans shipped 24.85 million tonnes of cargoes in H1 2019


Lemtrans carried 24.85 million tonnes of different cargoes over the first six months of 2019, down by 3.94% year on year (25.87 million tonnes in H1 2018). 

The cargo mix has not principally changed in the reporting period, with 10.44 million tonnes of coal and 8.15 million tonnes of iron ore products. In H1 2018, the company carried 9.93 million tonnes of coal and 8.68 million tonnes of iron ore.

Over the reporting period, Lemtrans transported 3.83 million tonnes of ferrous metals (3.62 million tonnes in H1 2018), 1.12 million tonnes of flux (1.60 million tonnes in H1 2018), and 0.99 million tonnes of coke (1.54 million tonnes in H1 2018).

This decrease is down primarily to higher car turnaround and lower average train speed. In H1 2018, Lemtrans's car turnaround was 7.8 days against 8.9 days in H1 2019, an increase by 1.1 days or 14%.

“The shortage of locomotives couples with the surplus of cars caused by excessive car procurements by market players in 2018-2019. Such procurements were spurred by the insufficient number of locomotives. In general, the issue needs a systemwide and comprehensive approach. Now the first step forward is to adopt a new rail transport law,” Lemtrans CEO Volodymyr Mezentsev said. 

Performance of infrastructure support assets

The company's repair assets continuously improve their operating efficiency. Thus, Lemtrans made scheduled repairs of 3,630 freight cars at production sites in H1 2019.