Italian experts begin the final tuning of equipment at sinter plant of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

Italian experts begin the final tuning of equipment at sinter plant of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works


Metinvest Group's Ilyich Iron and Steel Works is finishing the reconstruction of its sinter plant, one of the biggest environmental projects in the history of independent Ukraine. The expert team from Italy has arrived to the facility to install the software and complete the dry and production runs of the plant's dust collector. Metinvest Group's investment in this project exceeds $150 million.

Despite the pandemic, Metinvest Group has continued to roll out its key environmental project,the construction and installation of the new two-stage treatment facilities for gases and sintering zones at 12 sinter machines at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works sintering shop.

The first stage consists in rough dedusting with the modern HURRICLON cyclones. At the second stage, the gas is treated further to remove leftover dust and sulphur compounds, using the heavy-duty bag filters that allow for over a tenfold reduction of dust emissions.

The software was supposed to be installed in Q1 2020, but the Italian experts left Ukraine in early spring due to the coronavirus pandemic and didn't have a chance to complete the equipment setups necessary for further tuning.

Now that the quarantine is less rigorous, the Italian team has been able to start the final leg of the project. Andrea Fontolan, a customer service engineer at TERMOKIMIK CORPORATION S.p.A, notes that the last steps include software installation, making sure that all mounts are in compliance with the engineering documentation, and pre-commissioning with potential debugging.

"It's been more than seven years since we committed to a greener sinter plant. Over that time, we have built a cutting-edge efficient dust collection facility from the ground up. Today, the Italian experts are making final touches to this large environmental project. Once it is commissioned stage by stage, we will be able to greatly reduce dust and sulphur emissions from the sinter plant of our iron and steel works," emphasised Taras Shevchenko, CEO of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.