Innovation DTEK moves to UNIT.City and launches Innovation Days programme

Innovation DTEK moves to UNIT.City and launches Innovation Days programme


Innovation DTEK team, which is responsible for introducing innovations in our company, has become a resident of the Kyiv-based UNIT.City, one of the biggest innovation centres in Central and Eastern Europe. The new modern office will be a platform for DTEK employees, partners, and start-ups to nurture and develop breakthrough innovative ideas. 

“This building is not about the walls, it’s about meanings. The culture of open innovation is about thinking transformation. Thus, we’d like to make an innovation ecosystem on our platform to unite people who are open to new and creative ways of thinking and are glowing with ideas. I mean, those who see a “big picture” and think about the future of our country and our planet,” said Emanuele Volpe, Chief Innovation Officer at DTEK.

Innovation DTEK’s office is specially designed for that purpose. Its peculiar features include:

  • •    An innovation room for sharing knowledge, ideas and insights, and
  • •    A technology room for testing the world’s technical novelties.

Soon, it will be possible to navigate virtual and augmented reality with VR headsets and Google glasses. Innovation DTEK’s office will host Robodog Z, Mavic drone and other robotic devices. The technology room is going to feature a suit for transmitting tactile sensations, the latest development of the British startup Teslasuit, of which DTEK is an industrial partner. Wearing both the suit and VR glasses, one can experience a realistic simulation of an industrial site without leaving the office.

“Bold and innovative ideas need freedom. Freedom to work, make decisions, and streamline processes. Creating this space, we encourage employees to use this freedom for their ideas, cultivate innovative thinking, generate and introduce new ideas. I don’t mean the Innovation DTEK team alone, I mean all DTEK employees that include many talents and innovators. The creative and innovative spirit of the future that we make with such projects is going to evolve into practical things. It will not happen today, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will see how innovations transform business operations, boost safety, make the working environment more comfortable for employees, and develop everyone of us. Our joint efforts and cooperation with our partners and everyone who has confidence in us help translate our ideas into new opportunities, new achievements, and new results,” said Maxim Timchenko, DTEK’s CEO.

Innovation DTEK office is going to hold regular Innovation Days. These are meetings of tech-minded entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies, business accelerators, educational initiatives and visionaries. The first meeting took place on 24 July. The company plans to have other activities and events, especially for DTEK employees.

Earlier in 2019, Academy DTEK became a resident of the UNIT.City innovation park.