DTEK will always stand by the European choice of Ukraine, transparent and fair energy market, and level playing field for all

DTEK will always stand by the European choice of Ukraine, transparent and fair energy market, and level playing field for all


The company's statement to address the increasing number of allegations that DTEK tries to unilaterally change the market environment:

Regular administrative interference with the market since September 2019 has had a negative impact on the energy industry. The artificial limitations imposed on power producers, manual regulation and interference with operation of the energy market, lack of response to manipulations that systemically skewed the competition, – all that has led to the worst energy crisis in the history of independent Ukraine.

The electricity market crisis undermined each and every Ukrainian energy business.

"A commitment to steer the Ukrainian energy sector out of crisis is not a fight for better conditions for certain market players, but a fight for the European future of Ukraine, its energy security and independence. DTEK has the best industry expertise in Ukraine, and we have always been open about our position, our vision of the ways to overcome the systemic problems in the industry," says DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko.

DTEK has always been calling for an open dialogue among all of the market actors to work out a way to overcome the systemic crisis in the industry. All the allegations towards DTEK are groundless and come from opponents of the European path of Ukraine, opponents of a fair market.

DTEK's official position is publicly available for discussion on the company's website:




DTEK's initiatives and vision of solutions for the industry were publicly announced at the online press briefing of DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko on 14 April 2020:


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