DTEK Oil&Gas drills a new deep well in record time

DTEK Oil&Gas drills a new deep well in record time


DTEK Oil&Gas has drilled well No.72 in Semirenkivske gas field in 3.5 months. This record time helped the company complete the facility two months ahead of schedule. The well is 5,420 m deep.

DTEK applied cutting-edge technologies and equipment: a Drillmec 350 rig made in 2014, high-performance bottom hole motors (BHM), and a Smith Bits drill bit based on the latest design and speed solutions. Production horizons were first tapped with hydrocarbon drilling mud that had proven to be effective in other wells of the company. DTEK used an innovative solution, avoiding to make one service string to drill the well to its design depth much ahead of schedule.

The works involved pit-free drilling and complete waste disposal in line with international environmental standards. Belorusneft was engaged for drilling.

Igor Shchurov, CEO of DTEK Oil&Gas: “Ukraine needs to ramp up drilling to become energy independent. Our company has shown that innovative approaches and the latest equipment help reduce the construction time despite great depths and challenging geological conditions. We have drilled our new deep well in record 3.5 months, which is unparalleled in the sector.”