DTEK receives two more ships with American coal in early 2022

DTEK receives two more ships with American coal in early 2022


DTEK Energy receives two more Panamax vessels with American fuel.Yesterday, on January 9, the seventh vessel with 75,500 tonnes of American coal moored at the TIS Port.Tomorrow, on January 11, the eighth vessel carrying 82,500 tonnes of fuel arrives in Yuzhny Port.The coal will restock DTEK Energy's supplies.

“DTEK Energy continues to supply coal for the Ukrainian energy grid extensively. These days we are receiving the seventh and eighth Panamax vessels with 158,000 tonnes of fuel. In January, we also expect the ninth vessel with imported coal. This makes 215,000 tonnes to cover needs of Ukrainian thermal power plants. In addition to the fuel produced domestically, the coal imported by the company should help our thermal power plants bear additional load where necessary. This will help support the Ukrainian energy grid to meet peak electricity demand,” said DTEK Energy CEO Ildar Salieiev.

The company has contracted nine vessels in total, collectively carrying 618,000 tonnes of coal to cover needs of the Ukrainian thermal power plants. The first vessel contracted by the company for the state-owned Centrenergo arrived in Ukraine on 20 November 2021. Five Panamaxes arrived in December to meet the needs of DTEK Energy. Three more vessels arrive in January.

The company brought about 350,000 tonnes of coal by sea in December. The company has contracted more than a million tonnes of imported fuel from the United States, Poland, and Kazakhstan (previously) to ensure a stable heating season.