DTEK Renewables launches Pokrovska Solar Power Plant construction project to strengthen its solar portfolio

DTEK Renewables launches Pokrovska Solar Power Plant construction project to strengthen its solar portfolio


The company has announced a new initiative in Ukraine's renewable sector. DTEK Renewables has made a contract with Siemens to buy equipment for construction of another solar power plant, Pokrovska. The 240 MW facility will make a great contribution to the nation's energy independence.  

Investment in renewable energy accounts for the biggest share of funds channelled into electricity generation around the globe. The use of renewables (wind, water, and solar power) improves the environmental balance and reduces the consumption of conventional resources. In Ukraine, the development of ‘green’ energy is a strategic objective, as the country is reliant on energy imports. Under Ukraine Energy Strategy, the share of renewables should reach 11% by 2020 and 25% by 2035 to strengthen the nation's energy security and independence.

In 2018, the country saw a construction boom: €730 million was invested in new renewable energy projects of 813 MW in total. DTEK continues expanding its renewables portfolio with Pokrovska solar power plant. The facility will consist of 874,000 panels to be located on the site of former manganese ore quarry in Nikopol District, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. This reclaimed land is unfit for farming. 

Pre-construction works on the project are beginning in February. The company has engaged Siemens, a renowned German concern, as the general contractor to build a 35/150 kV plant and deliver all the key equipment such as transformers, switchgears, and control systems.

The Ukrainian contractors will build the facility and engage local residents in the construction. Overall, the initiative will create about 1,000 new jobs, which will improve the social environment in the region and generate additional tax revenues for local budgets.
“We are launching another important project in the Ukrainian renewable energy sector. The construction of such behemoth infrastructure projects as Pokrovska Solar Power Plant significantly contributes to the achievement of the goals set in Ukraine Energy Strategy. This plant will generate about 375 million kWh of ‘green’ electricity, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 400,000 tonnes. The investment in the project will make about €200 million," said Philipp Leckebusch, CEO of DTEK Renewables.