DTEK Energy invested UAH 8.4bn in Ukraine's energy independence in 2018

DTEK Energy invested UAH 8.4bn in Ukraine's energy independence in 2018


Ukraine's energy independence is a strategic goal for DTEK Energy. For this very reason, the company invests heavily in the development of the country's coal industry and in the conversion of thermal power plants to fire domestic coal. In 2018, DTEK Energy invested UAH 8.4 billion in projects contributing to Ukraine's energy safety. 

Last year the company channelled UAH 4.8 billion into coal mining enterprises, helping launch 36 longwalls and thus ramp up the thermal coal output to 24.1 million tonnes a year, 5.3% more than in 2017. Moreover, DTEK Energy implemented a number of initiatives across its coal mines to improve working conditions and increase the performance, as well as occupational health and safety.

The company invested UAH 1.6 billion in thermal power plants to reconstruct and convert power units for firing domestic thermal coal, as well as to maintain the production capacity. Compared with 2017, these efforts reduced the supply of electricity generated from imported coal by 23% and boosted the supply of energy made from domestic coal by 2%. Moreover, this helped reduce the environmental footprint in Dnipropetrovsk region. 

The company channelled UAH 2 billion to buy and upgrade mining equipment, as well as modernise electricity distribution facilities.  

"We are committed to making our country's energy sector independent from imported coal and ensuring that billions of hryvnias Ukraine has to spend on? coal abroad remain here and are used to develop our economy," said DTEK Energy CEO Dmitry Sakharuk.  "It is crucial for us that the coal produced by Ukrainian miners is in demand and has regular markets. This underpins the social stability and provides for jobs and salaries in miners' regions. Investing in domestic thermal coal production and converting our thermal power plants to fire this coal, we pave the way for Ukraine's energy independence," he went on to say.

DTEK continues to roll out a three-step programme launched in September 2017 to reduce Ukraine's dependence on imported coal. The initiative includes three major steps. Step 1: Power units will start using thermal coal instead of anthracite. Step 2: TPPs will fire coal extracted in Ukraine. Step 3: Existing thermal power generation facilities will be upgraded to maintain their efficient and uninterrupted operations.