Academy DTEK celebrates its 10th anniversary

Academy DTEK celebrates its 10th anniversary


In 2021, Academy DTEK, one of the leading business universities in Ukraine, celebrates its anniversary. The educational platform has been functioning for 10 years now.

Academy DTEK was founded 10 years ago by DTEK to educate people and develop their talents. During this period, the Academy has transformed and modified its educating and training methods. Academy DTEK has been developing and transforming the educational ecosystem by creating non-standard formats for educational projects, as well as introducing innovative approaches and international best practices. Academy DTEK is contributing to the UN’s goal of providing an equitable, high-quality education for all and promoting the concept of lifelong learning, and endeavors to be a reliable lifelong partner.

Commenting on the anniversary, Maxim Timchenko, DTEK's CEOsaid: "Continuing education and professional development are fundamental to the success of any business. Since the first day of DTEK's existence, we have stated that people are the company’s principal asset and value. We believe that the larger the number of people in the country that are given a modern education, the sooner Ukraine will achieve the standard of living and development seen in the world's leading countries. DTEK is therefore striving to ensure that its employees receive up-to-date knowledge and gain new skills. This is precisely why Academy DTEK was established. Today, the best trainers and educators are sharing DTEK’s extensive post-industrial experience, and providing innovative and high-quality knowledge for employees and external customers in the private and public sectors. I am pleased that Academy DTEK is allowing us to share our knowledge and contribute to the development of postgraduate training in Ukraine."

The head of Academy DTEK, Valeriia Zabolotna, said: “Academy DTEK has been functioning for 10 years now. We have evolved from a corporate university into an international platform that is open to businesses, the public sector, the general public and international partners. Our culture is based on a philosophy of continuous development and improvement."

The Academy is devising modern educational programs that meet current business needs. These include D.Client School, ID School, Executive education: Energy of Innovation, Power of Communications, DX School Digital Program, Pre-MBA: Effective Leader, Change Energy. All of these programs leverage today's core competencies, which are known as ‘21st-century skills’: critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and management skills.

Over 270,000 people have been educated at the Academy since it first opened its doors.

Academy DTEK will be celebrating its anniversary throughout 2021. Follow the news about the Academy's 10th anniversary on the corporate resources and in the mass media.