FUIB is in the Top-25 companies that implement the best CSR programs

FUIB is in the Top-25 companies that implement the best CSR programs


The Vlast Deneg magazine presented another Top 25 Best CSR Programs brand rating. FUIB is among the companies that have implemented the brightest, most progressive and successful CSR programs.

The brand rating of the Vlast Deneg magazine is dedicated to the top 25 best CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs. It includes programs initiated by the largest Ukrainian companies, which have set themselves the goal of meeting the highest world standards, and also programs which are realized in our market by the leading world companies embodying here practice of a global business responsibility trend.

In compiling the rating, data from open sources were used, including official company information, media reports, and opinions of industry experts. The ranking presents a wide regional geography of companies and a wide range of industries.

Serhiy Chernenko, FUIB's chairman of the board: "The pandemic and the economic crisis have required the bank to reassess its priorities and adapt to rapidly changing realities. FUIB decided to focus on the safety of clients and employees, shifted the emphasis in business from active sales to customer support, switched business processes online, had a constant dialog with stakeholders, and took on additional responsibilities to help Ukraine's medical system. By supporting clients, the bank lost higher possible profit, but gained confidence."

At the heart of FUIB's Sustainable Development Strategy are people: clients, employees, partners, residents of the cities where the bank operates. The key areas of activity are training and development of employees, development of the business environment and local communities, and since 2020 - in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic - support of the medical system of Ukraine.

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the Bank has chosen: sustainable economic growth, quality education, good health and well-being, gender equality, sustainable infrastructure and innovation, the promotion of an open society, partnership for sustainable development. The bank confirmed these goals in practice: during the pandemic, it not only fulfilled own responsibilities, but also helped hospitals and doctors, supported small businesses and retail clients.