An 89% increase in energy efficiency of lighting at DTEK Zaporizhia Thermal Power Plant

An 89% increase in energy efficiency of lighting at DTEK Zaporizhia Thermal Power Plant


DTEK Zaporizhia TPP has implemented an energy efficiency project for modernising the lighting system of the turbine house for 300 MW and 325 MW power units. By replacing the old lamps with 162 energy efficient LED lamps the company has improved the working conditions and the health and safety environment. The new lighting system is by 89% more efficient than the old incandescent light and mercury-vapour bulbs. 

The modernisation project was financed and implemented as a turn-key project by DTEK ESKO. The company has not just replaced the old lamps with bee-hive lamps equipped with special radiators but also replaced 2.4 km of cables, installed new lighting panels, implemented energy use metering for the lighting equipment system. The dusk sensors installed as part of the project are designed to adjust light level in the turbine house depending on the ambient outdoor lighting.

"To implement the project, our specialists have used special programmes to re-engineer the electric lighting system. They also chose the best lamp models and ensured their assembly and commissioning. As a result, the lighting level in the turbine house is in compliance with the safety standards. The new system can help us save over 500,000 kW/h or about UAH 900,000 in one year only," stated the CEO of DTEK ESCO Yevhen Bushma.

"Considering that our pilot project has been a success we plan to install LED-lamps at 150/330 kV outdoor switchgear and at the conveyor belt houses. This will help us ensure safe maintenance of coal transportation and power energy equipment," stated the head of the electric shop at DTEK Zaporizhia TPP Ruslan Shudzhan.