Prydniprovska TPP: power engineers show a new electric filter to Dnipro mayor

Prydniprovska TPP: power engineers show a new electric filter to Dnipro mayor


Prydniprovska TPP continues its comprehensive environmental efforts. Dnipro mayor has seen at first hand that the air will be cleaner in the city. Today he has visited the TPP to see that the plant meets its environmental commitments outlined in the Memorandum of Cooperation with Dnipro. 

The power engineers have built the electric filter to reduce dust emissions from power unit No. 10 to 50 mg/m3 or less. DTEK strives to meet this European standard across its operations. 

"We meet all our commitments to reduce environmental footprint and help our country achieve the energy self-sufficiency. Our project to convert Prydniprovska TPP to steam coal is a vivid example of how we can help make Ukraine energy independent and industrial plants more environmentally friendly through the partnership between authorities and business, as well as smart investment. Today Prydniprovska TPP fires mostly domestic coal, and the new electric filter will bring air emissions down to international standards," said DTEK Energy COO Toomas Niinemae.

Ten months of teamwork of Ukrainian engineers, 1,200 tonnes of equipment, and UAH 155 m in investment stand behind the construction of the electric filter. The new purification system is one of twenty seven bullets of the plant's Environmental Upgrade Programme 2020. The TPP has already converted two power units to steam coal, reduced dust and SOx emissions, installed an air monitoring system, planted trees and shrubs on an ash and slurry dump, and taken measures to use water resources more prudently. By doing so, the company meets its commitments under the Memorandum of Cooperation. 

"I do see the result. We made the Memorandum with DTEK more than a year ago. Under the document, the energy company has undertaken to upgrade Prydniprovska TPP in terms of technology and environmental protection. It is vital for Dnipro and residents. We stick to the schedule agreed in the Memorandum and hope to keep the pace to ensure that we will see the full environmental upgrade of the plant. I am also addressing the big business operating in Dnipro to follow DTEK's lead and think of the environment in our home city," commented Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov. 

DTEK have converted four power units to steam coal and completed the electric filter construction for a year and a half. In fact, the plant has been given a whole new life and generates additional 600 MW on domestic coal to Ukraine's grid. DTEK has invested almost half a billion hryvnias in this project and the filter construction.